What’s Holding You Back from Creating Your Art?


I was reading David Kadavy’s book, The Heart To Start: Win the Inner War & Let Your Art Shine, when I came across this line:

“If you’re looking for the heart to start making something, you need to understand what forces hold you back.”

Why hadn’t I thought of that? (Seriously, that’s not sarcasm.)

We can’t move on to the future or stand confidently in the present, if we’re holding on to our past. Why wouldn’t the same be true with creativity and making something?

We can’t move forward with our dreams of creating, if we’re letting some opposing force hold us back. We have to find a way — just like with the past — to let it go and stop allowing it to control our thoughts and actions right now.

I’m sure he’ll get into the specifics (I put the book down as soon as I read that line), but just reflecting on my immediate reaction, I know there are many things that hold me back (I actually just mentioned some of them), but do we ever stop to consider (and reject) those forces that interfere with our art? If we sat down and wrote them out, like all the bad experiences and fears we let hold us in the past, will they eventually lose their hold over us? If we worked at becoming more aware of the limiting beliefs that run on a loop in our minds, will we ultimately get tired of hearing them and turn the record off?

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Evangeline Henry Bellefontaine is the fictional writer behind Maison d'Evangeline (and More Beautiful Good on Medium). She writes mostly on the topics of bibliotherapy (books + therapy), personal growth, and doing the work. Follow by subscribing to Bibliothérapie.

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