Here’s a little more info about Maison d’Evangeline.

How’s it pronounced?

MAY-zən də-VAN-gə-LEEN

What does it mean?

Maison d’Evangeline means “house of Evangeline” (or Evangeline’s house) in French. The name Evangeline means “bearer of good news,” so the house of good news (or the house of hope). The quote that kind of sums up the purpose (or mission) of Maison d’Evangeline is this:

A house extends skyward.
Like a tiny but proud cathedral,
it wishes to generate the highest
and the best in its inhabitants.
— John Truby

The short of it, it’s about bringing light to life for a more beautiful good.

What are the “moving parts”?

Here they are:

  1. There’s Maison d’Evangeline, the online (make-believe) bookshop that’s all about inspiration and bibliotherapy.
  2. There’s Evangeline (pen name E.H. Bellefontaine) who is the “person” writing the story and your guide for living a life that’s true to you.
  3. There’s More Beautiful Good, the online publication (at Medium) that’s all about inspiration through story and creation.
  4. There’s the BibliOBSESSED shop, where you can get the guides and reports written by Evangeline to help you on your journey to creating your best life.

What’s the focus?

The core topics are bibliotherapy (books + therapy), personal growth, and doing the work (or doing good work). Topics also include self-improvement, inspiration, motivation, life lessons, relationships, entrepreneurship, writing, and friendship. Here’s a visual breakdown of the focus of Maison d’Evangeline and More Beautiful Good.

Why a pen name?

There are a lot of reasons, but the main one is that the real person behind the story has been a writer in multiple genres and wanted a separate pen name for the work at Maison d’Evangeline and More Beautiful Good. (Plus, it’s fun.) 🙂

What is Bibliotherapy?

“Bibliotherapy is an expressive therapy that involves storytelling or the reading of specific texts with the purpose of healing.”

A few notes about its history:

  • “Bibliotherapy is an old concept in library science. According to the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, there was a phrase above the entrance to the royal chamber where books were stored by King Ramses II of Egypt. Considered to be the oldest known library motto in the world, ψγxhσ Iatpeion, is translated: ‘the house of healing for the soul'”
  • “The term bibliotherapy was coined by Samuel Crothers in an August 1916 Atlantic Monthly article.”
  • “During World War I, the Library War Service stationed librarians in military hospitals, where they dispensed books to patients and developed the emerging ‘science’ of bibliotherapy with hospital physicians.”
  • “Pioneer librarian Sadie Peterson Delaney used bibliotherapy in her work at the VA Hospital in Tuskegee, Alabama from 1924 to her death in 1958.”

Source: Wikipedia

Where do I access BibliOBSESSED Reports?

BibliOBSESSED reports are available at the BibliOBSESSED store (aka “the shop”).

What about More Beautiful Good?

You can find out about the second half of the Maison d’Evangeline project at More Beautiful Good on Medium.

What’s the best way to follow?

Here’s how:

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  3. Follow Evangeline and More Beautiful Good on Medium.
  4. Follow Evangeline and More Beautiful Good on Instagram.

Note: You can also get the Maison d’Evangeline playlist here.

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Guiding Quote

A house extends skyward.
Like a tiny but proud cathedral,
it wishes to generate the highest
and the best in its inhabitants.
— John Truby

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