Don’t Waste Creative Energy


I was reading David Kadavy’s book, The Heart to Start, (yes, I’m stuck on it lately) and read the following quote about criticism and bullying:

“Criticizing others wastes energy we could be using to grow. [He quoted someone who said], ‘I’ve never found a bully that was doing amazing things with their life. Successful, happy, well-emotionally-balanced people don’t have time to shit on somebody else.'”

That made me think about wasting resources in general (energy, time, mind space, judgment), instead of investing them in your art. I took the same phrase and thought, “Successful, happy, well-emotionally-balanced people don’t have time to [fill in the blank].”

If you’re working on your art and trying to be successful at your life by creating something with it, you don’t have time (nor do you generally want to spend time) on things like:

  • Watching a lot of television,
  • Gossiping or obsessing over other people,
  • Keeping up with negativity,
  • Spending time on social media,
  • Consuming instead of creating,
  • Hanging out with people who bring you down,
  • Living in the past,
  • Stressing about the future,
  • Being angry,
  • Being frustrated,
  • Complaining, or
  • Feeling sorry for yourself.

(To name a few.)

As you get more involved with making something, be it a business, a book, or an album, you just don’t have the bandwidth for anything that takes away from doing your work. You start to see, not only your time, but your mental and emotional resources as finite, and you start to guard them militantly — at first out of necessity and eventually by choice.

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E.H. Bellefontaine

Evangeline Henry Bellefontaine is the fictional writer behind Maison d'Evangeline (and More Beautiful Good on Medium). She writes mostly on the topics of bibliotherapy (books + therapy), personal growth, and doing the work. Follow by subscribing to Bibliothérapie.

By E.H. Bellefontaine

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A house extends skyward.
Like a tiny but proud cathedral,
it wishes to generate the highest
and the best in its inhabitants.
— John Truby

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